domenica 26 luglio 2009

two new tops

Inspired by the hot weather and the desire to knit with cotton I made two other tops for myself. The first one I designed it up while knitting and the other one is a new version of Coachella...I added a border at the bottom so it is more confortable when worne with jeans or pants.

lunedì 20 luglio 2009

Coachella for myself

I really enjoyed this quick and beautiful pattern. I will let the pictures speak for themselves

venerdì 17 luglio 2009

Thank you Cristiana

Thank you Cristiana (
for your incredible, precious, and wonderful help in transforming the pattern in a clear and exact excel file:)
When my friend Francesca had read the pattern, she felt confused by all the written details and Cristiana kindly offered to help me out in order to transform them in a clear and visual work-sheet, which I have added to the file (on the last page).

domenica 12 luglio 2009

new pattern - mormor's shawl

For my Swedish grandmother I designed a new shawl, that I have called Mormor's Shawl. (Mormor in Swedish means grandmother).
I used a yarn that I had dyed with my daughters, knowing that she will enjoy the thought of it. It is nice to think that she will be wearing it very soon, a beautiful lady with white hair and deep blue eyes. A very special woman:)

To test the pattern I used the beautiful Adde-long I had used for the Revontuli, but since I did not have enough yarn I made a smaller version which will work very well this winter as a scarf.

venerdì 3 luglio 2009


I made my Revontuli and I am so happy. I love the colors (Thank you Azzuknits, Knitaly and Francesca for the gift and the inspiration). Now I only need winter ...a cooler weather to wear it on my black coat.
I knitted the last rows with the July Italian humid hot weather but I had to see the finished shawl...and now I can start a new project:)
Ho finito il mio Revontuli e sono felicissima. Adoro i colori (grazie Azzuknits, Knitaly e Francesca pe il meraviglioso regalo). Ora aspetto l'inverno...con il freddo potrò indossarlo sul mio cappotto nero.
Ho lavorato le ultime righe con il caldo umido degli ultimi giorni, ma volevo assolutmente vedere l'effetto dello scialle finito. E ora posso iniziare il mio prossimo progetto:)