mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

A wrap from Estonia

A Ravelry friend from Estonia, Kuduja (Ann), designed this beautiful wrap, named Physalis. I used an incredible alpaca I had bought at La Droguerie in Paris and the final result is just very elegant and cozy. It is a quick and mnemonic pattern that is a joy to knit.
Un'amica di Ravelry (Kuduja-Ann) ha creato questo meravigliosa stola, che si chiama Physalis. Ho utilizzato un'alpaca morbidissima che avevo comprato presso La Droguerie a Parigi e il risultato è un coprispalle elegante e confortevole. Il pattern si memorizza facilmente ed è veloce, una vera gioia da lavorare.

domenica 9 agosto 2009

Inspiration in Bretagne and Normandie

Travelling through the Bretagne and Normandie regions has been so inspiring and inspirational. I have so many ideas in mind, so many patterns and models. I am ready for my new collections, my job my passion. In the meantime, my hobby follows me everywhere and I have knitted a lot during the long car rides. For now I have these pictures, but soon I will take the other ones...let's start with "Mormor's shawl for myself" with this beautiful Kauni yarn...............