martedì 29 settembre 2009

Mormor's Shawl for the girls

My girls had asked for a shawl. Even if it is a hot autumn here in Italy I thought that the time had arrived to knit them one. And it had to be the Mormor's Shawl I had designed and created for their great-grandmother's birthday earlier this year. It is a quick project and the girls are so happy.
Le ragazze volevano uno scialle e, nonostante, il caldo autunno mi sono sentita pronta per il progetto. Ho voluto usare il modello che ho creato per il compleanno della loro bisononna in primavera, perché avesse un significato speciale. E' stato un progetto veloce e le creature sono felicissime.

martedì 22 settembre 2009

And this one is for CdM

And this one is for a special project: a little blanket for a tiny baby:) It is for Cuore di Maglia:)
E questa è per un progetto speciale: una copertina per un mini-neonato:) E' per Cuore di Maglia:)

martedì 15 settembre 2009

Other two Allegra's Covers

When I saw little Gregorio (four days old) I had to knit another cover (the light green one in the first picture). He is so tiny, so tender, so ...little that I couldn't stop thinking of knitting another blanket for this new baby. So I did it right away:)
I had also promised Matilde to knit one for her, so she could keep warm in the autumn evenings...and as soon as I have weaved in the last thread, rain and milder temperatures have arrived.

mercoledì 9 settembre 2009

new pattern - Allegra's Cover

Our friends' little baby is born:) The most beautiful experience of life, the most incredible journey:) For the occasion I have created this little cover and I have designed the pattern to celebrate such a unique event.
Matilde wanted to test the softness of the cover and she has decided that she wanted one for herself...and I am here knitting another Allegra's Cover.