giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Being celiac - Essere celiaca

Gluten free Indian Restaurant :)  Ristorante indiano #senzaglutine :) Happy :) Felice :)

I've been diagnosed with celiac decease while I was expecting Matilde, so about 11 years ago. I'm really happy, because I've got back my health. But my social life changed a little bit, I must confess. It's not always easy to find places where to eat and be sure that there will be no contamination with gluten. And it isn't easy to always stress friends with important notions as for example how not to use wooden spoons or the same colander usually used for regular pasta. 

So yesterday we tried the CurryZone restaurant in Turin, which has a gluten free menu, 
 and the food was delicious.  Last night I realized I missed Indian-Pakistan food. Now I'm so happy. 

Mi hanno diagnosticato la celiachia mentre aspettavo Matilde, per cui circa 11 anni fa. Sono molto felice, perché ho recuperato la mia salute. Ma la mia vita sociale è cambiata un po', devo confessarlo. Non è sempre facile trovare posti dove mangiare ed essere sicuri che non ci sia contaminazione con il glutine. E non è sempre facile stressate gli amici con nozioni importanti come per esempio quelle di non utilizzare un cucchiaio di legno 
o lo stesso scola pasta usato per la pasta normale. 

Così ieri abbiamo provato il ristorante CurryZone a Torino, che ha un menù senza glutine, e il cibo era squisito. Ieri sera mi sono resa conto che mi mancava il cibo Indiano-Pakistano. Ora sono felice.

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  1. Have you consider doing Paleo Diet? It;s gluten free.

  2. Hi, I was also diagnosed with celiaci when I had my first child. I agree that what is problematic is to explain at restaurants and to worry friends when invited for dinner. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter was diagnosed at age 10. But she is handling it fantastically. She was in Italy last year and discovered that it was easy to find glutenfree alternatives there. We live in Sweden and the stock tend to be kind if "narrow" here. You would think that it would be difficult to find a wide glutenfree stock in Italy with it's pasta profile?

    As a knitter, I find your blog inspiring!

    1. Hi :) Thank you for your comment and your words :) It's true, we have here in Italy many alternatives for gluten free pizza and pasta, in the past years many restaurants have added gluten-free menu:) and thank you for the compliments as a knitter for my blog :)