mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

New pattern: Pink Mood


Mati loves pink, she is in a Pink Mood since she was able to choose color or clothes…and she loves clothes…from the moment I have started to knit skirts for myself she has asked a knitted skirt..with a little lovely knit-purl stitch pattern as a design element:))
 You can see all the details and pictures here.
The pattern is available in English and in Italian.

Mati ama il rosa, è in un Pink Mood (stato d'animo rosa) da quando fu in grado di esprimere le proprie scelte per il colore o i vestiti....e ama i vestiti...dal momento in cui ho iniziato a creare gonne lavorate a maglia me ne ha chiesta una...con un piccolo motivo creato da punti a diritto e rovescio:))
Potete vedere tutte le immagini e i dettagli qui.
Il modello è disponibile in inglese e in italiano.

3 commenti:

  1. Hello, I have not commented on here before and wonder if you would mind helping me. I love Anna's shrug, the one in one piece with holes in, but I do not understand what K10, PM means on row 21. I don't want to start it and then be confused. Can you advise me please? I've looked on Ravelry and can't find a key to the abbreviations.

    Thank you.

  2. HI:)) More than happy to help:)
    k means knit, so k10 means knit 10.
    pm means place marker. This marker helps you to see when to knit the garter stitch border.
    I hope I have helped you out:)
    Happy knitting:)))

  3. Thank you so much for that. I know the K10 but just couldn't think whats PM meant. I'd love to have a go at doing this, it looks as if it would hang really well. I would like to do it in a Noro, as the yarn is too expensive to do anything big with it.

    Thank you again
    Anne Marie